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Chakra: A Quick Introduction

In understanding chakras it is important to be familiar with the basic concepts of vibrational energy or subtle energies. We are all made up of vibrations. The human body is made up of millions of molecules that vibrate giving frequencies that form a unique vibration when we are healthy. The vibrations of the body can easily go out of tune when we experience physical or emotional stress. Vibrational therapies can be used to restore the body’s own healthy harmonic resonance.

There are many vibrational therapies and many theories which explain subtle energy. Much of our knowledge of subtle energy comes from the eastern traditional healing arts such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Chakras and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vibrational healing suggests that disturbed or blocked vibrations arise in the subtle body before disease manifests on a physical plane. Therefore it is better to gently restore these vibrations before a physical disease occurs. Often, even when physical disease has developed, it may be possible to be reversed by changing the subtle energy.

When there is a disturbance or blockage of vibrational energy, the vibrational energies emanating from colour, crystals, essential oils or sound can be used to release the blockage, allowing the subtle energy to once again flow freely.

Subtle Aromatherapy

Subtle aromatherapy makes use of essential oils to affect our psyche, our subtle energies and our spiritual well being. In doing so we are drawing on the subtle, energetic or vibrational qualities of the essential oils, rather than their physical or chemical properties. Essential oils have the ability to influence our wellbeing at a physical, emotional, mental and subtle level.

Essential oils are versatile and it is possible to use them in so many ways. The more conventional ways of using essential oils include massage, vaporisers, diffusers and burners or baths.

When using essential oils for their subtle effects, there is no “right” or “wrong” way of using them. You do not need to be tied to any conventional method of application. What matters most is your intent.

Chakra & associated emotions

Root Chakra

Belonging Energy

Physical Health



Sacral Chakra

Healthy Relationships

Emotional Health Child-Like


Solar Plexus Chakra




Mental Focus

Abundance Drive

Heart Chakra




Throat Chakra


Speech Choice

Brow Chakra




Crown Chakra


Purposeful Inner


The root chakra

  • Primary indications: Feeling unsupported, not belonging, disconnected from family, negative generational issues.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Sense of belonging, safety on the earth, healing in the family.
  • Supporting oils: Birch, Firs, Cedarwood

  • Primary indications: Low energy, fatigue, overwhelm, physically drained of energy and vital forces.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Energized, renewal, balanced use of energy.
  • Supporting oils: Basil, Lemon, Citrus blends

Physical Health
  • Primary indications: Repeated physical illness, unable to get and stay well.
  • Positive  qualities  following  transformation:  Taking  responsibility  for  one’s health,  desire  to  be  well,  and  claiming the body’s  natural  ability  to  heal.
  • Supporting oils: Eucalyptus, Immune support blends

  • Primary indications: Ungrounded, not fully present, and joyless in life, not wanting to be here.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Grounded, presence, full participation in life.
  • Supporting  oils:   Patchouli,  Myrrh,  Vetiver

  • Primary indications: Fear, terror, paralyzed, tension in the body.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Courage, facing issues head on, relaxed.
  • Supporting oils: Clove, Juniper berry, Cassia

The sacral chakra

Healthy Relationships
  • Primary indications: Codependency, unhealthy relationships, attachments to people or things that drain our energy.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Healthy relationships based on love. Self-sufficient and balanced.
  • Supporting  oils:  Melaleuca,  Immune  blends,  Thyme,  Cinnamon,  Oregano

Emotional Health
  • Primary indications: Poor emotional circulation, stuck, stagnant energy held within the energy system, not progressing emotionally, unable to experience emotional catharsis.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Emotional circulation, dynamic movement/progression, emotional transformation and catharsis.
  • Supporting oils: Cypress, Vetiver, Lemongrass,
  • Primary indications: Workaholic, overly serious, over-doing, unable to laugh or enjoy life.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Relaxation, sense of fun, connection to inner child, creativity.
  • Supporting oils: Ylang Ylang, Citruses

  • Primary indications: Shy, timid, fearful, uncertainty, hiding.
  • Positive  qualities  following  transformation:  Allowing  one’s  true  self  to  shine, showing up.
  • Supporting  Oils:  Cassia,  Cinnamon,  Citrus  blends,  Clove

The solar plexus chakra

  • Primary indications: Heaviness localized in the solar plexus, stemming from judgment, self-hatred, pessimism, hopelessness, guilt, and suppressed anger.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, optimism, hope, faith, life filled with joy.
  • Supporting  oils:  Bergamot,  Lemongrass,  Melissa,  Citruses,  Helichrysum

  • Primary indications: Emotional eating, lack of concern for body and harm done through poor eating habits, unconscious eating or addiction.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Love and respect for the body, conscious choice, freedom from addiction.
  • Supporting oils: Grapefruit, Digestive blends, Weight Management blends

  • Primary indications: Compromised integrity, need for approval, inability to live from  one’s  center  of  truth.
  • Positive  qualities  following  transformation:  Integrity,  personal  power,  living  by one’s  internal  compass.
  • Supporting oils: Coriander, Helichrysum, Vetiver, Clove, Digestive blends

Mental Focus
  • Primary  indications:  Inability  to  concentrate,  can’t  hold  still,  wandering  mind, inability to pay attention, scattered.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Concentration, directed, unwavering, singleness of mind.
  • Supporting oils: Lemon, Other Calming blends

  • Primary indications: Scarcity, feeling like there is never enough, fearful of losing what one has.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Gratitude for the abundance of the universe, feeling safe and supported.
  • Supporting  oils:  Orange,  Myrrh

  • Primary  indications:  Unmotivated,  can’t  get  moving,  lazy,  no  drive,  passionless, lacking will forces.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Zest for life, motivated, joy in living, passion and fire.
  • Supporting  oils:  Melissa,  Lime,  Lemongrass,  Citruses

The heart chakra

  • Primary indications: Anger, hate, resentment, holding onto past issues, unable to feel loving feelings for others, feeling unlovable, closed.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Love, willingness to let go and forgive, open heart, taking risks in relationships.
  • Supporting oils: Geranium, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang

  • Primary indications: Heaviness localized in the heart, sadness, grief, despair.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Buoyancy in the heart and soul, light heartedness, ability to face and release inner pain and turmoil, restored peace.
  • Supporting oils: Peppermint and other  Respiratory blends

  • Primary indications: Unclear motives, selfishness, obliviousness, impure intentions.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Self-awareness, compassionate, giving, empathetic, pure intentions, loving.
  • Supporting oils: Lime, Lemongrass

The throat chakra

Connected Speech
  • Primary indications: Avoidance, beating around the bush, speaking from the head while lacking warmth in the heart.
  • Positive  qualities  following  transformation:  Speaking  from  one’s  heart,  ability  to radiate soul warmth, integration between left/right brain.
  • Supporting oils: Lavender, Black Pepper, Spearmint, Ginger

  • Primary indications: Poor boundaries, inability to say no, push-over, taking on other  people’s  issues,  oversensitivity  to  others  influence  and  ideas.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Ability to set limits and boundaries, resolute,  inner  strength,  taking  a  stand  for  what  one  believes,  choosing  one’s  own path.
  • Supporting oils: Clove, Coriander, Fennel, Lavender

The brow chakra

  • Primary indications: Confusion, self-deception, inability to recognize truth, avoidance.
  • Positive  qualities  following  transformation:  Clarity,  honesty  with  one’s  self  and others, discernment, light in the eyes.
  • Supporting oils: Clary Sage, Frankincense, Clove, Lemongrass, Ginger

  • Primary indications: Darkness, negative energy, holding onto things that bring us down, attacked, defeated.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Light, positive energy stemming from within the soul, healthy detachment, shielded.
  • Supporting  oils:  Melissa,  Oregano,  Melaleuca,  Frankincense,  Thyme, Lemongrass, Wintergreen, Clary Sage

  • Primary indications: Despair, despondency, apathy, lethargy, no drive.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Courage to live life to the fullest, connected, hopeful, motivated.
  • Supporting  oils:  Lemongrass,  Melissa

The crown chakra

  • Primary  indications:  Disseminating  false  truths,  deception,  darkness,  escapism,  covering  up  what’s really going on.
  • Positive  qualities  following  transformation:  Aligned  with  truth,  willingness  to  see  one’s strengths  and  weaknesses,  light,  openness,  present,  allowing  one’s  light  to  shine.
  • Supporting oils: Frankincense, Clary Sage, Vetiver

  • Primary  Indications:  Lack  of  purpose,  directionless,  externally  motivated,  not  connected  with authentic self or life purpose.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Purposeful, direction, living from one’s center, motivated to  fulfill  the  measure  of  one’s  creation.
  • Supporting oils: Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Vetiver

Inner Stillness
  • Primary indications: Over-thinking, unable to still the mind, over-activity, restlessness.
  • Positive qualities following transformation: Stillness, peace, presence, sacred silence.
  • Supporting  oils:  Sandalwood,  Myrrh,  Vetiver

Feel the Energy

The chakra system is made up of the energy centers of our body.  When in balance, each center vibrates in perfect harmony with the rest.  Through aromatherapy and topical use of oils, we can unblock and balance each chakra, supporting the harmonious balance and enriching our lives, physically, spiritually and mentally.

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