How to Make Moon Water

The full moon is on of the most powerful moon phases in the lunar cycle, where you feel a rise in your own energy and emotions, almost making that charge palpable in your fingertips. Because of this, many people like to make what is called full moon water.

This is water that has been set out to be charged under the full moon. And while you can definitely use the full moon for your moon water, you don’t have to! You can actually charge water under any moon in order to charge the water with the energy of that phase in the lunar cycle. Here are some tips for how to make your own moon water.

Choose What Moon You Will Make Your Moon Water

The first thing to decide is what moon you intend to make your moon water with. This is important for a few reasons. First, it helps you determine what night it should go outside. If you want to do this under a new moon, you need to wait until the night of the new moon, or the day before or after the new moon.

Another reason is because each phase of the lunar cycle comes with its own energies. You are going to set intentions for the moon water, so it helps to know what energies to focus on as you do this.

Fill a Container with Water

Once you decide when you will put the water out under the moon, you need a container to put it in. Many people like to use a clear container or bottle, though this is up to you. Intuitively choose a bottle that speaks to you when you set your intentions.

You will then fill the container with water. If you plan to drink the moon water, choose filtered water or something that is safe to drink. When it won’t be consumed, some people prefer using fresh rainwater or water from a nearby spring or waterfall, but that is up to you.

Since it will probably sit in the bottle for a while, it is safer to use a glass bottle or container, and not one made of plastic.

Place it Outside Under the Moon

Wait for the moon to come out in the evening, then place your bottle of water out in direct moonlight. This should be under as direct of moonlight as you can, so you want it to be outside on a patio or balcony. At this point, think of your intentions for the bottle as you place it under the moonlight. Keep it in a place that will be safe from animals that might knock it over and damage it.

Repeat Your Intention or Affirmation

Lastly, set intentions for the moon water. You want to do this as you place the water outside under the direct moonlight. Think of your intentions for this moon water, such as what itwill be used for. Maybe it is for cleansing crystals or you are charging it under the new moon for your manifestation. Think of those intentions, visualize them, then hold the bottle of water as you visualize. This helps to charge the moon water with those intentions.

You can then retrieve the moon water the next day and save it for when it will be used.


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