7 Tips for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is the practice of working on yourself, whether you want to heal from wounds and past traumas, become more enlightened, or just become a more spiritual person overall. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but there are some things that can help you on this journey.

1. Find Your Spiritual Inspiration

The first step to achieving better spiritual growth is to fine your inspiration. What is calling to you when it comes to spiritual practices? Why do you want to be more spiritual? Where did your inspiration come from?

Think back to the first time you started thinking about your spirituality and discovering different practices, and that will help you see what motivated you from the very beginning.

2. Read and Learn as Much as You Can

It is hard to work on growth of anything, including spirituality, without learning more about it. Take this time to learn as much as you can about all things spiritual, or at least the areas that you are interested in.

Think back to what originally gave you inspiration to expand on your spiritual growth, and that will guide you toward what to learn first. Maybe you saw some videos on reading tarot, which sparked your interest, or you want to use healing crystals in a daily spiritual practice. Learn how to use these divination tools and your spirituality will grow so much faster.

3. Start Meditating Every Day

Meditation is a wonderful spiritual practice to start right now and can be done in only a few minutes every day.Meditation allows you to connect to your higher self, gain more clarity into your own mind and spirit, and be a lot closer to the spiritual side of yourself. The benefits of meditation show up even in the beginning when you are just deep breathing for a few minutes and haven’t learned how to quiet the race of thoughts yet.

4. Experiment with Different Spiritual Practices

In addition to meditation, you can also find other spiritual practices to experiment with. You don’t want to try them all at once, so just stick to one or two in the beginning, then start adding others when you feel comfortable. Maybe you add some kundalini yoga to your morning routine, or you begin heading to a nearby park for connecting with nature on the weekends. You might pick up reading tarot or asking your spirit guides questions.

5. Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude

Moving forward on your spiritual journey, consider practicing gratitude and being more mindful in general. These are things you can do every day very easily throughout the day. It doesn’t require anything extra and you don’t need to set up for it like you would a new moon ritual or reading tarot. Just be more mindful about what your intuition is telling you, how you feel, how the energies shift, and where your thoughts keep leading you.

6. Start Manifesting What You Want

Not everyone who is on a spiritual journey will try to manifest what they want using the law of attraction, but you can definitely do this if you have dreams and need a change in perspective. Manifesting becomes so much more powerful when you are on a spiritual journey, because many of the spiritual practices help you to see things clearly. This is the perfect time to work on your scripting, visualizations, and meditating on what you are trying to manifest into your life.

7. Trust Your Instincts

Finally, make sure you are working on strengthening your intuition and starting to trust your instincts. The more you listen to your gut and go with what your intuition is telling you, the stronger it will become. This is actually one of the best ways to have a better intuition, as you start trusting in yourself and learning how to listen to it. It really comes in handy when you are connecting more to your spiritual side.


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