How to understand your Chakra Imbalances

Unblock the power centers of your subtle body


The chakras are subtle energy bodies located within the spinal cord and housed within the innermost core of the Sushumna nadi. This core is called the Brahma nadi, the carrier of spiritual energy. The nadis carry subtle energy throughout the body and are, as stated above, critical allies in the rising of the kundalini energy.

The core of the Sushumna nadi is considered a spiritual energy body, not a material energy body; therefore, the chakras are most often referred to as subtle in nature. The chakras are considered physical as well as subtle and are considered the foundation of all existence, psychologically and physically.

Subtle energy medicine is largely based on chakra work, as chakras govern significant aspects of our lives. The following descriptions cover several significant details about your chakras. The meaning of the chakra’s Sanskrit name provides a clue to the chakra’s purpose.

If we can become aware about our chakras and their functioning, we can live with much more ease. Knowing how our thought processes and conditioning can affect our overall health and internally our chakras, we must consciously take steps and knowledgeable decisions towards making the chakra health better.

Energy is not stagnant and forever in motion. Through every experience, all the chakras get affected. The main one in question, getting damaged will carry the energy through all the others as well. So, whether we want or not, whether we are feeling it or not, the block will happen, and one would see the damage happening on different levels in various chakras.

It is your responsibility to have the chakras healed and repair the chakra condition at the earliest. If you feel off-centered in situations more often than not, if you keep falling ill and have chronic conditions, you are in need of a chakra cleansing and balancing session. The repeated patterns of certain unpleasant life experiences create the damage and once chakras are healed and brought back in alignment, you actually feel better physically, mentally and also emotionally. Of course, if you are taking medical and clinical treatment for any illnesses, even though they have been caused by chakra imbalance, that treatment should not be stopped. It is required and must be followed. Alternate therapies can support the treatments and only help.

The emotional focus refers to the types of emotions (feelings and beliefs) managed through this energy center; like the meridians, every chakra hosts a different set of emotions. By figuring out which emotions are troubling you or someone else, you can pinpoint the chakra to work on.

Each chakra corresponds with and connects to a particular location within the physical body. They provide a unique psychic glimpse into reality.

Every chakra is also related to a specific endocrine organ. If you’re wondering where to focus healing for a chakra, you can always work through the related endocrine gland. You’ll also learn which of the physical organs are affected by each chakra. This knowledge will help you zoom your healing into the chakra that matches physical symptoms.

How to Tell if Your Chakras are blocked?

Your body is made up of more than just bones, muscles, blood, and organs. You have an entire energetic system in your body. Ancient yogis knew this and used yoga, meditation, and foods to help restore balance to the subtle or energetic body. When your energetic body is off, your physical body, mind, and emotions all experience changes.

Chakras are energetic portals in the body that give us the keys to understanding why we may not be feeling like our highest self and where disease can manifest. Each chakra is a spinning wheel of energy. We have 114 in total but seven main ones along our spine: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

You may have heard a friend talking about how her 5th chakra is blocked—which is why she has a hard time communicating—or another friend telling you that her chakras are out of alignment. But what exactly are chakras and can they be out of alignment?

All disease begins from a disconnect with spirit, our true nature. In order to align with our true nature, we have to understand what caused the disconnect in the first place. The chakra system gives us an intuitive map to understand our spiritual body. When we understand where our chakras are blocked, it becomes a portal to our healing journey. And although having a blocked chakra can lead to suffering, it can also be an opportunity to embrace our shadows and step into alignment.

 How to Read Your Chakras

Find a cozy spot at home, cleanse the space by burning sage or palo santo, and summon a group of your best friends for a spiritual evening on reading your chakras.

  1. Find a pendulum or a pair of mala beads to measure the chakras. It works best to find both these items with higher quality and best found at your local mystic shop. 
  2. Place the tip of the pendulum or tip of the looped mala beads over each of the chakras for about 60-90 seconds.
  3. The pendulum or beads will magically begin to move. This is because the chakras are energy vortices.
  4. If the beads or pendulum spin in a circle, the chakra has a healthy flow. Note that the chakra circles may change from being small or larger. Certain chakras are more active than others. If the circle is spinning rapidly, it can mean that the chakra is overactive or unstable. This differs depending on the chakra it corresponds with, but in general means taking on the imbalance qualities of the chakra.
  5. If it does not spin, there can be a blockage in that chakra.
  6. If it swings back and forth, it can mean there is some energy flowing, but not enough to be in full alignment.

If there is no movement in any of the chakras, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are blocked in all seven. Sometimes, it takes a while to get used to reading the energy. The more you practice, the more sensitive you will become to reading the energy. It can also mean you are not over the proper chakra region. Check below to be sure you are lining up to the corresponding chakra. 

Be mindful that this is a fun exercise to connect to your spiritual body, but is not the same as getting a diagnosis or treatment plan from a certified practitioner. A blocked chakra is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it the end of the world. It is a gift to understand how you can connect deeper to your highest self. Take it with a grain of salt, make it light hearted, and have fun connecting with your spiritual side!

Working with your Chakras

Each chakra is a prism that regulates a specific set of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. This means that we can use them to diagnose problems and create a healing plan for a variety of issues. Understanding the chakras, we can:

  • Use physical symptoms to clarify the emotional, mental and spiritual components of all illnesses.
  • Trace our emotional issues back to the development of a certain part of our body or to the age at which the issues originated. Emotions are the language of the body. If we can re-experience the feeling component and the physical reactions attached to a debilitating situation, we can reprogram self-destructive beliefs and chart a whole new course.
  • Isolate the mental or spiritual beliefs affecting us, thereby healing our emotional or physical issues.
  • Awaken repressed memories, including in utero and past-life memories, for the purpose of understanding, clearing, and healing. By getting to the root cause of an issue, we can unlock the energy blocks it might be causing.
  • Become knowledgeable parents to our own children, supporting them through each development stage.
  • Better parent our own inner child, that natural self within each of us waiting for his or her chance at life.
  • Make appropriate and wise decisions by pinpointing our current development stage.
  • Better understand where, how, and why we get “stuck” in harmful habits, cycles and even addictions.

The chakra system is one way to understand the human body. Even minor disturbances in the “subtle body” can manifest as pain, disease, discomfort or general disharmony in your body, mind, heart, and spirit. As you make your way on your journey toward balance, bliss, and happiness, consider checking in with your chakras regularly. Investigating the chakras can be a good temperature gauge for the entire system. Allow your journey to be intuitive and guided by your inner wisdom.

In working with the chakras, we are searching for two points of awareness. First we want to identify and acknowledge our positive traits, which might be in need of recognition or revitalization. All too often, we bury some of our best qualities beneath a deluge of conflict and misperceptions. Our second goal is to uncover, understand, and change self- destructive beliefs, patterns and programs.


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