How to Use Dream Work as a Spiritual Practice

Dream work is the term used when you take your dreams and not analyze their potential meaning, but really explore trends and signs your dreams might be sending you. If you are on a spiritual journey, this can actually be turned into one of your spiritual practices. Dream work provides many benefits when it comes […]

Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is more than just being a spiritual person. It tends to be a more intense and deeper level of spiritual awareness, right down to your soul. If you are having a spiritual awakening, your consciousness is ascending much higher and more drastically, which can lead to a lot of different signs of […]

3 Types of Smudge Sticks for Cleansing

Cleansing is the spiritual practice of clearing energy from any space, object, or person. It is often used to clear out a physical space like a room or a new home, but it can also be used for cleansing bad energies from people who are empaths or even objects like crystals. Cleansing is typically done […]

How to Make Moon Water

The full moon is on of the most powerful moon phases in the lunar cycle, where you feel a rise in your own energy and emotions, almost making that charge palpable in your fingertips. Because of this, many people like to make what is called full moon water. This is water that has been set […]

Connecting with Nature on Your Spiritual Journey

When you are on a spiritual journey, one thing you will notice is that you feel more drawn to things that are close to nature. You might stop wanting to eat meat, be drawn to spending more time outside, or start using things from the earth’s surface like crystals, herbs, and flowers. Whatever the case […]

Angel Numbers and Their Significance

Have you ever wondered why you see 11:11 on the clock so often, or why you seem to notice the same number patterns over and over again? These are known as angel numbers, often used in numerology, to describe signs from your angel spirits. Angels don’t communicate with you using words or even their physical […]

Signs Your Manifestations are Coming True

When you learn that the universe has your back and that nothing you dream of is off limits, suddenly the entire universe opens up to you. You can allow yourself to imagine and dream of anything you desire, and work on manifesting it into your life. But how do you know your manifestations are on […]

Tips for Starting Your Spiritual Journey

Whether you recently went through a drastic life-changing event that is making you re-think your beliefs, or you simply want to expand on your spirituality in general, being on a spiritual journey is a very rewarding journey to be on. However, it can feel a little overwhelming in the beginning because there is so much […]

Self-Care Activities for Empaths

If you identify as an empath, you aren’t just sensitive to other people’s emotions, you actually absorb them. Often times, you don’t know why your mood has suddenly shifted, why you were fine one minute and in a deep depression the next. Empaths are highly in-tune to other people’s energies and don’t have filters in […]

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are spiritual entities that help guide you through life. Some guides you are born with and others decide to join your life path at some point during your life. There are many different types of guides, including angels, spirits, and even ancestors of yours that have passed. They are always there to help […]